Do Guppies Eat Their Babies?


A guppy is a popular species of fresh water aquarium fish. The mature guppies can eat their little ones. This can be prevented if you separate the young ones from he adults using a breeder box. In most cases, if the mature guppies are well fed, they will not eat their young ones.
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hey I don't think you should worry about babies guppie food. My ones eat everything they find attachedto rwood leaves andalgae stuck on my tank. they are big now, and haven't had
Adult guppies, including their mother, will eat baby guppies. For this reason, guppy breeders place their heavily pregnant females into plastic breeding traps. These transparent containers
Guppies eat their babies, called Fry. They reproduce so often and with so many that they eat their offspring, like many fish could.
Guppy's eat the brine of shrimp so if the mother happens to be hungry when the
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