Do Guys like When You Randomly Send Them a Friend Request on Facebook?


Some guys like it when you randomly send them a friend request of Facebook. All the guys I know that are single really like to get friend requests from random girls. Other guys are not so interested in random girls, but this is usually if they have a girlfriend that constantly checks their Facebook page.
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Most guys think hmmm she don't look to bad and go to your profile look at your pics and add friend *click* I do not do t but im a guy i would know.
You know that spam stuff they do on Fb with the pictures just so people can get 5000 friend requests . It's mostly these . Report this to Fb they should stop the issue now because
Ok so here is the deal. When a guy is really interested in you he will reply immidiately. I tell you from experience. If you try to contact him and he didn't do everything within
This is odd. I would advise you contact Facebook on their Account Support Email. Facebook does not send random friend requests, because they have no reason to. A sibling or friend
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If a person's account is locked or blocked on Facebook, you cannot send them a friend request. You can try sending them a private message and asking them to send ...
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