Do Hair Straighteners Kill Head Lice?


Hair strengtheners usually kill head lice. This is due to the fact that hair strengtheners produce heat that kills the head lice eggs. Female lice can lay about 100 eggs in duration of 30 days.
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Head lice are extremely contagious, commonly passed around children in school. You can get head lice by standing next to someone who has the lice or from handling the items that the
There are several products available over the counter such as Ridex and Nix. The kits contain shampoos to kill the adults and another rinse for loosening the nits from the hairs which
Your doctor can recommend a medicated shampoo, cream rinse, or loti...
Lice are hard to treat especially if you've had them for long. The one and only thing that works is the lice powder from the drugstore. You might have to order it. Any other lotion
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