Do Hamsters Cry?


Hamsters do not cry but they do make crying sounds when they are in distress. It could be that your hamster is feeling cold or ill. This is especially so if your hamster is more than two years old. However, you can try to treat your hamster by keeping him warm, well fed or getting a vet to perform a check up.
Q&A Related to "Do Hamsters Cry?"
They either cry if you haven't changed there bedding plus they get to a age were they do not like getting picked up so they will start to cry.
Chances are that she's just playing. Dwarf Hamsters squeak quite a bit. Give her plenty of attention.
Some say that hamsters do cry. Kind of a panicked squeek type of sound.
Hamsters are very quiet animals they rarely make a sound but it is normal for them to squeek or make sounds. But they only make sounds when they are either angry, stressed, in pain
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