Do hamsters eat each other?


Some hamsters are aggressive and can attack and kill each other, while others are aggressive but resolve their aggression through a social hierarchy. Hamsters rarely eat each other, since their disputes are territorial, not predatory.

Dwarf hamsters often live in a social hierarchy and regulate their own conflict without serious injuries or death occurring, with dominant hamsters taking territorial precedence over submissive hamsters. In some instances injuries may occur if conflicts cannot be resolved, and in that case the dwarf hamsters must be kept separate. Syrian hamsters are both solitary and aggressive, and can fight to the death over territorial disputes rather than resolve them. Syrian hamsters should always be kept individually and never in groups.

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Hamsters eat dry food made just for hamsters. They can also occasionally have bits of fruit or lettuce or carrots. They like the feel of a different food in their hands.
Syrian hamsters are the real fighters of the hamster family. Although it's accurate to say that hamsters frequently fight, it really depends on what type of hamster is being discussed
Most hamsters will not eat each other and only do so under extreme conditions.
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Hamsters eat mostly grains, but also consume leaves, shoots, roots, and fruit.
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