Do hedge apples keep spiders away?


There is a widespread belief that hedge apples keep spiders away, but there is no scientific evidence indicating that hedge apples are an effective spider repellent. While scientific studies have determined that compounds in hedge apples, when concentrated, are capable of repelling some insects, the natural concentration levels in hedge apples are too low to be an effective repellent against insects or against spiders.

Hedge apples are the fruit of the Osage orange tree, which grow throughout the United States and in the Canadian province of Ontario; their natural origin is a region that includes parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Hedge apples are 3 to 5 inches in diameter; they ripen in September or October, and then they fall to the ground.

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Hedge apples contain natural bug repellents, they may be used to drive away
I think that it's just a coincidence if hedge apples appear to keep spiders away. Spiders are known to make webs in hedge apple trees and to walk on the hedge apples, so if hedge
Large, dense, yellowish-green, wrinkled hedge apples persist on the tree after its leaves have dropped in autumn. They produce a strong orange aroma when ripe. Each hedge apple contains
Michael Pollan explains this one in The Botany Of Desire. Before the twentieth century, apples were grown not to be eaten, but to be drank, in
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Do Hedge Apples Keep Spiders Away?
Hedge apples are the fruit of Osage orange trees. The trees are related to mulberries and were used as fences and hedgerows by farmers before barbed wire became commonplace. The fruit is citrus-scented and believed by some to have insect-repelling... More »
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