Do Hindus Eat Pork?


Pigs are not prohibited by Hinduism except by those cults that ban all meat. On the other hand not much pork is eaten in India except in regions that customarily hunted wild boar or are close to the border with China.
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Hindus can eat meat. It is the Muslims and Jews that specifically don't eat pork. Many Hindus and Buddhists are vegetarian and do not eat any meat due to their belief in reincarnation
Hinduism is the 3rd largest religion in the world. Hindus are basically vegeterians. Some hindus eat meat but on certain days of the week. They worship the COW so they do not eat
Hindus have a deep respect for other living creatures. As a result, many are vegetarians. This includes avoiding meat and poultry, as well as eggs. Hindus will typically eat milk
Muslims don't eat pork because it is haraam, unclean and forbidden. Many Hindus [though definitely not all] are vegetarian- they don't eat pork and beef in addition to chicken, turkey
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