Do Horses Get Fleas?


Horses get fleas. They are also prone to ticks and lice with ponies being the most infested by them.Most of the time, these fleas come from pastures or any dogs or cats living around the area.
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1. Mow the lawn frequently to expose the soil to the sun. Fleas can not tolerate full sun. 2. Remove all debris from garden beds. Leaves, wood piles and mounds of rocks are breeding
Cats get fleas by either going outside, or there are holes in the house allowing fleas, ticks, and other parasites in.
As much as cats hate them they have to have flea baths every now and then. Giving them a bath and still have fleas? I sprinkle salt on all floors that have carpet. For some reason
Get an exterminator to have a look at it and suggest a safe option.
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