Do Horses Get Fleas?


Horses get fleas. They are also prone to ticks and lice with ponies being the most infested by them.Most of the time, these fleas come from pastures or any dogs or cats living around the area.
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You mean. lice. not fleas. Horses don't get fleas. You will need to get a spray-on delicer like Ultra Sheild or something similar from your equine vet or local feed store to spray
Significance Although more than 2,000 species of fleas exist, only Ctenocephalides felis is a significant threat to cats. However, female fleas lay between 30 and 50 eggs each day
You need to tackle flea control on 2 fronts Get rid of the adult fleas & get
For London, Continental horses came by road and ferry/tunnel in private or commercial boxes. Horses from overseas came by plane. Grooms travel with the horses through the whole journey
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