Do Horses Get Fleas?


Horses get fleas. They are also prone to ticks and lice with ponies being the most infested by them.Most of the time, these fleas come from pastures or any dogs or cats living around the area.
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1. Fill a bucket with about 1 gallon water and 1/4 cup dish soap. Mix the ingredients with your hand to dissolve the soap. 2. Brush over the horse with a large flea comb. This will
1. Horses don't get fleas, they get lice, and 2. it's a horse with lice, what else are you going to call it?
Some grays will have flecks of their base color in their coat called
If you are talking about a "flea-bitten" horse, it means a light colored horse, usually a grey, with tiny specks of a dark color freckling its whole body.
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