Do House Spiders Bite in the UK?


UK has a number of house spiders that can and do cause bites. For instance Tegenaria duellica house spider that is found throughout the UK is known to bite humans with little provocation. House spiders can survive for a number of months without food or water.
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Most, if not all, spiders are capable of biting: no matter where they are from. Of course, certain spiders are more prone to biting people. ;) You'd have to ask your friend or a doctor
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Not medical advice: For spider bites that are non-venomous, pain killers & anti-inflammatory drugs are given. Use ice to help pain.
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House spiders do bite when provoked. Often bites arise when the spider is trapped in clothing. Their bite is a defence reaction, when you're tidying the house ...
UK spiders rarely bite. The spiders are not usually thought of as being hazardous to health hence it may be surprising that several species inhabitant species ...
Not all spiders bite and in fact there are some that are quite harmless. In the UK, spiders are not considered as hazardous to health but there are also those ...
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