Do I Dig up My Gladiolus Bulbs in the Fall?


You should let the foliage grow as long as possible to help renew the corms. About six to eight weeks after the blooms fade, or after the first frost but before the ground freezes, gently dig up the corms.
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Do I Dig Up My Gladiolus Bulbs in the Fall?
Gardeners in United States Department of Agriculture Hardiness Zones 6 and colder should dig up gladiolus bulbs, which are actually corms, in fall for winter storage. In zones 7 and 8, apply a thick layer of mulch to protect the bulbs from light freezes.... More »
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Dig up gladiolus bulbs in the fall if they have finished flowering. You want to make sure they are dug up before the ground freezes. The goal is to try and keep them in for as long as possible, as long as they are healthy.
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1. Loosen the soil around the gladiolus in fall, after the first frost has killed back the foliage. Slide a trowel under the corms and lift them out of the bed. 2. Rinse the excess…. When to Dig Up the Gladiolus Corms.technically it is not a bulb) Let the foliage grow as long as possible to help renew the corms
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