Do I Have to Have Insurance to Cut a Tree down for Someone?


To cut a tree down for someone you will need to obtain a tree removal permit at the Building and Development Service Department, if the house was built before October 16, 2000.
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Cutting down a tree is fairly easy, you need a chainsaw. Cut a 70% or more knotch into the tree on one side and a direct line into the tree on the other side, this will allow the
1. Use an orchard ladder to reach the uppermost branches. (An orchard ladder is a long ladder with one supporting leg; the narrow profile of this type of ladder makes it easy to place
To cut down a tree use a chainsaw or hand saw to cut through the tree from one end to the other. Make sure to plan which way the tree will fall to avoid damage.
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You do not have to have insurance to cut a tree down for someone in Texas, but the people that you are cutting the tree down for do need to understand that it ...
If yo have never cut a tree down, the best thing to do is to hire someone to cut down the tree. Cutting down a tree can be a dangerous undertaking if the tree ...
If you hire someone to cut down a tree on your property, be sure to hire someone that has liability insurance. If they are not carrying their own insurance, you ...
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