Do I Have to Send Any Documents for a Passport Renewal?


Yes. Apart from the completed application form and two recent identical photographs, the only supporting document you need to send is your current or last passport.
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Complete the passport renewal form. This is available at the Guatemalan consulate. They will take photographs of you for the passport at the time of submission. Submit your expired
If you've had a passport issued in the last 15 years and it was done past the age of 16, you can use a mail in application. Otherwise, you'll need to go in person. Go to the Department
To renew your passport, you must have Form DS-82, two photos
For a US passport, you need to go to the post office and get the renewal form. You will also need two passport photos and your old passport. You will need to mail these to the address
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To renew an UK passport, you need to fill in a renewal application, pay a fee, and attach supporting documents. You can access the renewal of passports online, ...
You can renew your British passport in the USA by sending all of the required documents and fees to the British Regional Passport Processing Center in Washington ...
Expired French passports can be renewed by visiting the French consulate. The old passport, two recent passport photos and documented reason for travel are the ...
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