Do I Have to Take a Class over Again to Take the Rejents?


If you have not completed all the classes or did not pass a class or classes, you absolutely must take a class over in order to be eligible to take the regents..
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Many colleges won't let you take a class over again if you got a C or better, but some will. People do this to raise their GPA for medical school, law school, or graduate school,
Generally, classes are offered every semester, however, sometimes because of reduced interest or other factors, a class may be offered less frequently. To find out when the class
Your example code does not work. First of all, calling B::GetDead() won't call DeadPerson::GetDead(). Assigning this in a statement var $person = B::GetDead() sounds completely backward
The EMT class has 7 module exams, If a student fails any module twice they are out of the EMT class. Once you complete the EMT class and ready to sit for the state exam, student has
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