Do I Need a Licence for an Air Rifle?


You do not require a certificate or licence for an air gun or pistol unless they are very powerful. Powerful air weapons can only be acquired under licence and registered with the authorities. One is also required to be eighteen years and above to operate, or under the supervision of someone above the age of 21 years.
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1. Determine what you will be doing with the air rifle. Is it for indoor air rifle competition? Is it for outdoor competition? Will you be using the air rifle for varmint hunting?
The power limit is set at 12 ft. lbs. For air rifles and 6 ft. lbs. For air pistols. But I suggest you read the attached link Below for a complete answer.
1. Get a nylon string longer than your rifle's barrel. The longer the better. Ad. 2. Break the barrel and pass the string from one end to the other. 3. Tie a piece of wet rag to one
Ok, from what I can find out for you is you need to be 18. It also seems, for some paranoid reason, you have to have a license for an air gun. Why? I have no idea. I buy handguns
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If you are 18 years or older there are no restrictions on buying an air rifle and ammunition, and you can use it where you have permission to shoot.Above 12ftlb a rifle is classified as a Section 1 Firearm and requires a licence called a firearms certificate, and a pistol above 6ftlb is again a Section 1 Firearm requiring a firearms certificate in the UK.
You are required to have a licence for an air rifle since it is classified as a fire arm meaning it is in the same category as all other fire arms including powerful guns. A very heavy penalty is given to those who carry the rifle without a license.
To own a pistol or an air rifle, one does not require to have a licence provided it does not exceed certain limits where the power limit is set at 6 ft. lb for air pistols and 12 ft. lb for air rifles.
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