Do I Need a Licence to Play a Radio at Work?


Yes. Radio stations (including news and talk radio) use copyright sound recordings (such as theme tunes and background music during programmes) so any radio broadcasts within your business premises constitute a licensable public performance of copyright sound recordings.
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To play music from a radio at the workplace, an employer must obtain a music licence from the Performance Rights Society (PRS).This is important so that they can stay within the law.
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You do not need a licence to play a radio in a shop. However, a licence is needed from a local authority when someone is holding a public entertainment, for instance ...
Anyone wishing to play or authorise the playing of radio at the work place must obtain a radio licence from the Performing Rights Society (PRS). The Society offers ...
It costs approximately £125 a year to get a licence to listen to radio at work. The charge may vary with your location. The charge applies when you listen ...
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