Do I Need a License to Sell Homemade Wine?


Having a license to sell homemade wine will depend on your location. In ,most states, you will be required to have one. You should contact the local city hall and find out.
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1. Apply for a state liquor license. Every state has a liquor control board which monitors the production, sales, importation and exportation of alcohol. To obtain a state liquor
If you're in California, effective Jan. 1 you can get a type 85 license to make direct to consumer sales without the need to sell to retailers. In any case you should find a lawyer
It depends on the local legislation.
In order to get a license to sell homemade wine you'll need to start here
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There are specific laws regarding the sale of homemade wine. Some of the laws differ in different states, however, one that isn't different is that the ...
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