Do I Need a Protein Skimmer?


A protein skimmer is very necessary particularly if you are keeping a reef or saltwater fish tank. Protein skimmers play a big role in removing dissolved organic compounds, controlling algae as well as providing oxygen.
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1. Rinse out the skimmer body and cup with distilled or reverse osmosis water. 2. Attach the skimmer's airline tubing to the nipple on the skimmer pump intake. 3. Attach skimmer pump
1. Cut a length of the widest-sized pipe so is slightly shorter than the height of your tank. 2. Cut a length of the second-widest pipe to serve as the neck of the skimmer. 3. Mount
It removes some of the minerals and other important components of the salt water and not just the "junk. Many people use them ( including me) without adding any extra trace minerals
Q. I have never used a protein skimmer before and really don't know much about them. Can you tell me what their purpose is, and relative cost? A. A protein skimmer, or foam fractionator
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1. Check the protein skimmer collection cup. This is located at the top of the protein skimmer, above the tank. It will be clear, allowing you to look inside to ...
Use a tube and a pump to push water up the tube so the debris can be collected. The water will then sieve through the top and reenter the take all clean. For ...
1. Loosen the nylon screws that secure the skimmer's body to the aquarium. Raise the skimmer as high as possible. Ensure that you can secure the skimmer in its ...
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