Do I Need Good Credit for a VA Loan If I Have a VA Letter?


Getting a VA loan does not exempt you from having good credit for the loan. The VA is backing your loan and it will help you to get a lower down payment or no down payment but, there are still some guidelines to be fulfilled.
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1. Apply for a VA loan with a mortgage lender that participates in the VA home loan program. VA lenders include banks, credit unions and mortgage companies. 2. Provide a Certificate
A VA loan is a benefit for someone in the military. A VA loan will usually get you a good deal on buying a home. VA loans stands for Veteran Administrative loan.
1 Collect the proper documents needed to represent your proof of military service. The type of documents needed will vary depending on your current military status. Obtain DD Form
You can always obtain a home loan in VA no matter how your credit history appears to be. No minimum credit score as well as no minimum income can offer great flexibility and relaxed
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In California, there is not a minimum credit score required for a VA loan. Instead, the VA requires that you have 12 months of on time payments for all your outstanding ...
Loan approval sample letters are available from a variety of sites. Options include Sample Letters World or Office Writing. How long a VA loan approval letter ...
Currently, no matter what state you live in, the credit score has to be at 620, at a minimum. There is no letter of explanation or case by case basis. The score ...
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