Do I Need Planning Permission for a Log Cabin?


You are not required to obtain planning permission to build a log cabin in the UK. However, this is subject to some conditions such as; the cabin has to be sited in the garden of a detached or semi detached property, the property is not a listed building, it should not be above 4 metres in height and the cabin should not be used as a dwelling.
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Generally, one may not need a planning permission from the local authority to live in a log cabin. However, subject to specific rules and guidelines; for instance, the size of the cabin and distance from the road that differ depending on the location, one may be required to seek planning permission.
Yes. Planning needs are wholly determined by the intended use of a log cabin and where it is to be sited. It is likely that planning permission will be required to build any other type of garden building or if you intend to use it for commercial purposes.
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