Do I Need Planning Permission for Loft Conversion?


A loft conversion is generally regarded as a permitted development that does not require you to seek planning permission. However, your conversion should not extend higher than the highest part of the roof, and materials used must be the same as those used for the house.
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Planning permission is not normally required for those wishing to build loft conversions. However, permission is necessary in cases where the roof space is being altered and it surpasses particular limits and conditions. The following are some of the limits that must be adhered to: extension should not be higher than the highest part of the roof; no verandas should be elected on the loft and building materials should be analogous in appearance to the house.
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1. Measure the loft space to define how large the conversion can be. Ensure there is sufficient space overhead, although slanted ceiling areas can also be used for sitting and storage
I doubt there was any fixed ligislation to it. Lofts have always been subject to the same regualtions as the rest of the house. They have just been ignored for many years, now councils
Here's the way it works in California: If you have an improvement to your house that is permitted, the value of the property is reassessed based on the approximated value of the improvement
How to plan a loft conversion is the question on the minds of more and more householders considering making an additional room out of their loft. So start your planning by thinking
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