Do I Still Love Him Quiz?


There are multiple 'Do I Still Love Him Quiz' available online.These quizzes contain a variety of questions like 'Do you still hold hands in public', 'Which do you do more, argue or laugh together', etc.The answers are totalled based on a value for each question and the result is displayed.Few best known quizzes are
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1. Stay clear of your ex-boyfriend to allow yourself time to heal. Staying in communication so soon after the breakup pours salt on an open wound. Do not make or accept calls, emails
The better question would be do you love yourself still? If you do then are you willing to possibly allow yourself to be hurt again by the same person. You have to love yourself before
1. Think to yourself, 'why do I still like him? ' Maybe you still think he's cute. Maybe you can't get over how sweet he is. Depending on why you still like him answers can vary.
You can express you feelings to him but if he doesn't feel the same way there us nothing
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