Do I Stop Feeding the Birds so They Will Migrate South for the Winter?


Birds migrating to the South for the winter is a natural thing that all birds know to do each year. Not feeding the birds does not effect whether or not they will migrate.
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Tina you are correct in worrying. Often fed hummingbirds delay too long in migrating south since they have a ready food supply. Sometimes they make it anyway but not always. In the
You can stop feeding hummingbirds whenever you want to. It is being proven that hummingbirds survive winter conditions in the US very well on their own
Migrating birds need to keep one step ahead of the authorities. One primary reason birds migrate is to breed. Many birds in Europe, Asia and North America migrate further north to
If you choose to feed birds, you can feed them all year long. Birds can always find enough food and don’t become solely dependant on a single feeder. Having feeders up all year
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Your hummingbird feeders do not need to be taken down. The bird's instinct to migrate is much stronger than it's desire to feed from feeders! This is a myth. ...
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