Do I Wear My Anklet on My Right Left Ankle?


You can wear your anklet on your right or left ankle but it will have different meanings. If you wear the anklet on the right ankle, this would mean that you are 'taken'. If you wear it on the left means that you are 'single'.
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Makes no difference to which ankle and anklet goes on. I usually wear mine around my left ankle and my toe ring on my right foot. It's all up to you, on how it makes you feel.
if u put an anklet at the left ankle it means u are single and your heart is not taken.
Ankle bracelets on men. Ankle Bracelets for Men. If men wear ankle bracket
Are you worried that if you wear an anklet on the wrong foot that someone will mistake you for a prostitute? Some creeps will proposition you just for being there and you'll have
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