Do Iguanas Bite?


Iguanas do bite as they have teeth situated on the inner sides of the jawbones which might be difficult to spot. In adult iguanas, the teeth are sharp and serrated and will be used primarily as a defence mechanism.
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they dont they are very nice lizards if you tame them the right way. p.s i am a pro and been working with them all my life.
The many sharp teeth in its mouth can literally
There could be many reasons why an iguana bites you. Since I don't know how old your iguana is, of course the little young igs bites dont really hurt, but the older iguanas 2plus
Hi Luke, Hopefully there is nothing that shows on x ray so that surgery is not needed. With the antibiotics and the other things that the vet did for the ig here in the US, hopefully
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Mating season for iguanas is normally in the fall. Iguanas mate when the male lines up his genitals next to the female iguana's genitals by biting down on the ...
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