Do Italian Men Marry Black Women?


Yes, Italian men do marry black women. Robert de Niro is Italian and has dated Naomi Campbell. Another example would be Giancarlo Marcaccini who dated Tyra Banks.
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What attracts white women to black men is the same thing that attracts white women to white men. It's all down to personal taste, chemistry between people, and pheromones.
Heck yea cause "WE" (black girls) got "dat junk in our trunks!
Hybristophilia is a mental disorder characterized by extreme arousal or attraction to a person who has committed a grisly or violent crime. This disorder occurs more frequently in
I think there is a way of explaining this trend that is not racist per se, but has to do with the reality of what motivates people to marriage and the social construction of race
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Attraction to someone depends from a person to person. It does not necessarily focus on Italians even the other country men like Americans, Jewish people like ...
There are Jewish men that marry black women. People of different religions and marry each other quite often. ...
Russian men do marry and/or black women. It is not normal or a frequent occurrence , but it does happen. Families are typically open to these types of marriages. ...
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