Do Jack Russell terriers shed?


Jack Russell Terriers shed hair once a year. The dogs with the shorthaired coats tend to sheds more than the broken haired ones. If you own one, you should be prepared for the hair shedding season because you will find hair on your clothing, furniture and carpeting.
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You really can't stop a dog from shedding, but if you want a Jack Russell that sheds less, than you will want a long-haired over a short-haired. To prevent frequent shedding in short-haired
Jack Russell Terriers are a breed that shed quite a bit
1. Evaluate your lifestyle before considering a Jack Russell Terrier. If you are sedentary or spend a lot of time away from home, this is NOT the breed for you. Jacks can be destructive
Our JRT has the same problem. The only solution we have been able to find is to get him shaved every few months. All Jacks shed like crazy, it's a breed trait.
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