Do Lhasa Apsos Shed Their Hair?


Lhasa Apsos do not shed their hair thus making them amazing for individuals with allergies and they keep the house clean. A clipped Lhasa Apso looks gorgeous if done well and they can be groomed a few times a year.
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1. Brush your Lhasa’s hair with a slicker or pin brush. Clipping hair that is free of tangles or debris will make for easier cutting. However, if the dog is too matted, you
A flat 1-1 1/2 inch nylon collar. Make sure you can put two fingers[flat ] under the collar so there is enough room for the dog to be comfortable, but they cannot wiggle or back out
I have many friends with Maltese and they don't shed like crazy but they are meant to shed because they have very long hair as adults. The would get very hot if they didn't shed.
You may be able to thin the coat to
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