Do Lions Eat Giraffes?


Lions generally do not eat giraffes because they are so big. They are also hard to take down. If lions do eat a giraffe, it will be attacked by a full pack of lions.
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for food, genius.
Giraffes eat leaves and twigs off of trees. They can eat between 15 and 65 pounds of twigs and leaves a day. Their diet can also include tree thorns.
Acacia is the giraffe's main food source. Acacia is a thorny shrub that bears seed pods, which giraffes eat while navigating sharp edged branches. They also eat the flowers of the
A man walks into a bar with a giraffe to get drunk. The giraffe pas...
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A lion is the primary eater of a giraffe. It attacks the giraffe by pouncing on or biting its legs, in hopes of bringing the animal down. ...
A gang of lions are the predators that giraffes have to look out for. They often create a sneak attack when the giraffe is resting or drinking water. You can ...
An adult giraffe can only be killed and eaten by a lion. However, the baby giraffes can be killed and eaten by the hyenas and smaller predators. Lions do not often ...
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