Do lions live in the rainforest?


Though lions are found across sub-Saharan Africa and parts of northwest India, they do not live in rainforest or desert habitats. In Africa, they live on the plains or savannas, and in India, they live in the Gir forest preserve.

In their habitats in Africa, lions have large populations of hoofed prey and only one other large predator to compete with, spotted hyenas. Lions can also inhabit forested areas, mountains and semi-deserts, as long as there is sufficient ground cover. At the most extreme, one lion population lives high in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia at an altitude of almost 14,000 feet.

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: Lions do not live in rainforests.
Lions can be found in parts of Africa. They like living in the tall grass, forests and woods that are close to rivers. They usually group together in packs or prides of about 15 lions
Many larger predators aren't able to climb very well, while monkeys are usually quite agile in the trees. This gives them a significant advantage. The rainforests of the world are
The Canopy Layer.
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Lions live in plains or savanna habitat of Africa.
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