Does a lizard lay eggs?


Some lizards do lay eggs. Majority of lizards lay eggs that have a tough, leathery shell while some lizards bear live young. The lizards that lay eggs lay them in sand, or rotting vegetation, and majority of mother lizards abandon their eggs while a few species incubate and guard their eggs.
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I found some hard lizard eggs in the inside of the kitchen fan when I was cleaning it they looked like theywere once soft so that's one place were you can find lizard eggs.
A hen's egg forms inside its uterus, where the egg cell is covered by a calcified protective covering. Once the egg is formed the hen sits on her nest and releases the egg. Hens usually
Chameleon lizards lay their eggs in a hole they dig in the ground. The
In many reptile species, females oviposit communally (i.e. many clutches are laid within the same nest). This behaviour might result from constraint (scarcity of nest-sites offering
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The Chameleon is a distinctive breed of lizard. It lays eggs three to six weeks after intercourse. Female chameleon tends to dig a hole into the ground in order ...
Life stages of a lizard star when they are hatched from eggs; the young live in warm places until they mature. After mating, they lay soft-shelled eggs and they ...
Adult lizards lay soft-shelled eggs, which hatch into miniature versions of the adult lizards. The baby lizards take up to 18 months to mature into adults, capable ...
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