Do Magic Mushrooms Make Your Brain Bleed?


It is a common myth that magic mushrooms can make the brain bleed. However, this is just a myth. Mushrooms may contain metals which are found in the soil so beware!
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If you smoke it the chemicals in the mushroom melt and mixes up together causing a mess up in your brain. It's like smoking weed only worse. didnt think you could smoke shroom ? i
Psilocybin, Shrooms, alters perception & feeling; nausea; persistin...
Nobody really knows for sure how the drug works. There has never really been an extensive study done. When I was in college, it was believed that your synaptic functions altered the
Not medical advice:A long (4-6 hr) & powerful experience, body may tingle, you'll feel happy, colors are more vibrant, music sounds better. with hallucinations.
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Magic mushrooms will stay in your body for a week. This means one should try not to have any urine tests or blood tests within a week of taking Magic Mushrooms ...
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