Do Megalodon sharks still exist?


Megalodon sharks no longer exist. There is no evidence to suggest that these enormous sharks still roam the oceans. Scientists have derived a large amount of information about the characteristics and behaviors of megalodons through fossil records.

Megalodon sharks roamed the oceans from about 16 million years ago up until about 2 million years ago. It is believed that the body structure of a megalodon resembled great white sharks. However, megalodons grew over 50 feet long and fed on whales.

Around 3 million years ago, the conditions of the oceans drastically changed, and, as a result, the average ocean temperature dropped. Scientists assume that megalodons were unable to adapt to these changes and eventually went extinct.

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The megalodon (now extinct) was a giant shark that lived in prehist...
you should really read this to know what scientists truly think.
For me, it is because there is so little. content. (substance? in the discussions on Facebook. If I exaggerate a bit - most of what you see on Facebook is. "great picnic"
There is none, they do not exist anymore, but sharks exist today. The oldest remains are 18 million years old!
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