Do Mice Have Bones?


Mice have bones. There bones are flexible and can compress their rib cages to fit into small spaces. Mice can fit through small holes because their bodies are long, flexible and cylindrical in shape.
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i think a mouse has about 225 bones.
Mice usually have litters of 4-8 young. However ,since mice can begin breading at 4 weeks old the number of yound it can produce over a lifetime is easily over 120! Thats a lot of
The heel is made up of two major bones. The talus (2) connects the foot to the two lower leg bones (tibia and fibula) and allows the ankle to move up and down. Under the talus is
None, they have an exoskeleton, which means they have a hard shell on the outside. For example, a human has a skeleton on the inside, with skin and fat covering it. With grass hoppers
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