Do Molars Fall Out?


Molars fall out when you reach around the age of nine. The first deciduous molars will fall and this will be followed by the second deciduous molars and lastly the second permanent molars. This gives way for the permanent molars that do not fall out unless they are infected or you age and a dentist removes them.
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8 4 on top 4 on bottom.
There are 8 baby molars that you will loose around age 11, 4 on the upper and 4 on the lower. They will be replaced by your permanent bicuspids Source(s): A dentist
They appear around 16 to 22 months of age and fall out at 10 to 12 years old.
Marianne - Of course, without seeing xrays of your daughter before the braces, I cannot be sure what was there, but usually the 12 year old molars are not removed at 12. Those teeth
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Yes. Children lose their first set of molars along with their other primary or baby teeth, though the molars are usually the last to fall out. The first set of ...
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