Do Money Orders Expire?


Money orders do not have an expiration date. However, if after three years you have still done nothing with the check, a service fee might be deducted. This service fee changes from state to state, therefore it may or may not be charged.
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Buying a money order is simple. Money orders can be purchased at banks, drug stores, gas stations, even online. But while it's easy to purchase a money order, it's not always easy
A money works by the person who wished to purchase one pre-pay the amount they would like the money order for. In other words if you want to purchase something with a money order
It depends on your broker. Strict broker. You need to submit an exercise request to your broker. The OCC requires this by 6PM; your broker probably needs more notice than that. This
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Money orders do not expire. So if you find a money order that is several years old, you should be able to take it a check cashing store or post office and cash it.
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