Do Moth Balls Keep Mice Away?


Besides repelling moths, mothballs also keep away mice, snakes or other pests. Mothballs are small balls of deodorant and pesticide. They are used to store clothing susceptible to damage caused by moth larvae.
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To keep mice away, you should clean up and throw away excess junk that harbor these rodents. In addition, set mice baits, traps or poison to help get rid of these nuisances. However
1. Inspect any clothes made from wool when you bring them into your home. Until you have time to thoroughly examine them, keep them away from your other woolen clothes. If they are
Moth balls are toxic. Don't use them ever for anything. Mint spray of Victors
Not scare in a sense. The chemical the moth balls produce repels insects because it irritates the insects. Like when your around onions.
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1. First, get a mesh or netted laundry bag that you would usually use for washing nylons and five boxes of moth balls. Put the moth balls in the laundry bag and ...
Moth balls keep spiders away due to the odor they emit. The best way to drive away spiders using moth balls is to get a jar. Fill the jar with moth balls and then ...
I have been putting moth balls every year around my trailer for the past 20 years, and I have never had a snake come up to my house. So, yes I would say it works ...
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