Do Moth Balls Kill Fleas?


Mothballs will kill fleas, although they require maximum care while handling, using and storing them because they discharge benzene fumes, which result into respirational illness and cancer to the person using them.
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1. Sprinkle salt on any carpeted portion of the floor as well as on top and underneath furniture. Let the salt sit for three hours. Salt absorbs moisture, so it will kill any fleas
Killing moths can be a pain if you don't know how to do it. I would say that using moth Balls because they can get ride of your moth problelm. You can find more information here:
I don't know what a moth ball IS. Sorry everybody!
Fumes from 2 different chemicals that transition from a solid straight to a gas. The gas is
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Do Moth Balls Kill Fleas?
Mothballs will kill fleas, but extreme care should be taken in handling, using and storing them. Mothballs release benzene fumes, which can cause respiratory illness and even cancer.... More »
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