Do Mothballs Repel Snakes?


Anectodal evidence seems to suggest that mothballs have worked for some people in keeping snakes away. There does not seem to be any hard evidence that it works though.
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1. Check out the ingredients used to make the two different types of mothballs. Paradichlorobenzene and naphthalene are both toxic to humans and animals. For this reason, keep them
The short answer is that snake repellents do not work. The products depend on the desperation of truly scared home owners who are willing to try almost anything to get rid of a snake
Go shoot them, or use a shovel to behead them.
When you define your boat situation as rats, mice, or other small critters, the overall concentration becomes more elusive. I am prone to believe that a persistent gnawing of your
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Snakes eat rodents and other pests and are generally harmless to humans. However, some are dangerous, and most people prefer to not share their houses or yards ...
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