Do NASCAR Cars Have Reverse Gear?

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Nascar Sprint Cup cars have between 800-850 horsepower unrestricted. With the carburetor restrictor plate which is run at Talledega and Daytona they produce about 450 horsepower.
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In reverse, a Nascar car can go about 20 - 25 miles per
Nascar 4&reverse I drove one with 18 forward and 3 reverse most common now is a super 9 or 10 speed It shifts just like a car only you will have one or two splitters (a valve
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Yes, NASCAR cars do have reverse gear. Indy cars have cars with no reverse gear as well as cars with reverse gear in them depending on the track.
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The acronym PRNDL stands for park, reverse, neutral, drive and low. These letters are typically located on the gear shift of a car, on the dashboard or on the ...
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