Do Olives Need to Be Refrigerated?


Whether or not olives need to be refrigerated depends on what the olives are packed in. If the solution is brine or anything with brine in it, you need to refrigerate them after opening. If the solution they are packed in is 100% olive oil, they do not have to be refrigerated after opening.
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It depends on the type and the packaging. Also shouldn't it say on the label if store bought?
According to StillTasty, 1 year or until the date on the can/bottle.
Olives last 1-2 months in the fridge, a year or so if they've never been
After they are opened and not refrigerated for some time a white scum forms on the top of the brine. But that takes a while to form. I didn't bother to check it out I tossed the jar
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