Do Onions Grow Underground?


Onions usually grow underground, and that is why you may not be able to know how big the bulbs are. However, they can be harvested when the shoots attain a height of approximately 30 to 40 centimetres.
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1. Start your onions in 6- to 10-inch-diameter pots with drainage holes, and use pots at least 6 inches deep. As root crops, onions need deep, quick-draining foundations. They rot
Onions are just like any other plant. they need sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, soil nutrients, and a suitable environment. If a mature onion has its leaves cut off, it would eventually
1. Choose a type of onion to grow. As with most fruits and vegetables, there are many variations of the onion that are appealing for different reasons. Onions come in three general
a bulb.
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