How to Groom a Pet Opossum.?


1. Know that short-tailed opossums groom themselves thoroughly and tend to stay clean. However, sometimes their fur will get greasy, especially in males and in opossums that live in humid conditions. 2. Provide chinchilla dust for your pet opossum to
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Do Opossums Make Good Pets?
Learn facts about how to keep opossums as pets and information on how to care for possums in this free online instructional video.... More »
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1. Carry your pet opossum in a bonding pouch, which is a small, soft pouch that your opossum can sit in. Here, your pet will get used to your smell and you will enjoy petting her
They can be pets, but it's not wise as they're wild animals and therefore should be in the wild.'t_opossums_be_pe...
Opossums are exotic animals that could be tamed and be domesticated. As an owner of such pet, you must have the patience and understanding about t
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1. Find a reputable pet dealer who is selling truly weaned babies no younger than 8 weeks old. 2. Buy an extra large hamster cage with the bars closely spaced. ...
In many states, it is illegal to raise an opossum as a pet, but it is not illegal if you decide to start feeding them or take care of them if you see one injured ...
A good pet for you is one that best fits into your lifestyle. When deciding on the type of pet to keep, it is important to know what you would like the pet for ...
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