Do Oranges Have Potassium?


Yes, oranges and bananas both have potassium.
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232 mg.
Oranges are a good source with 174mg in a 2 3/8" orange. Thank you for using ChaCha!
1 medium orange contains 237mg of Potassium.6 fluid ounces of Orange juice contains 372mg of Potassium
If you've mastered basic crystals, try growing an orange potassium dichromate crystal. Usually you have to use food coloring to get an orange crystal, but this crystal color is natural
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An orange contains a lot of vitamin C and other nutrients such as dietary fibre, folate, vitamin B1, potassium, vitamin A, calcium and calories. A single orange ...
There is 496 mg potassium in orange juice in a one-cup serving. Potassium is a mineral that helps preserve a healthy fluid balance in the body. It also plays a ...
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