Do penguins live at the North Pole?


Penguins live only in the Southern Pole with great populations living on the fringes of Antarctica. Antarctic and sub-Antarctic islands support the greatest number of penguin species with several species living in temperate climate.
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It has to do with the availability, or lack thereof, with food. Much, much, much more food available in the southern regions. Why? That's a whole different question. ;-) and they
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This is actually quite an interesting question. Polar bears are descended from continental bears that lived further south, over time they evolved their white coats and other characteristic
Dear Liam, Well, you've asked an excellent question - one that scientists have been pondering for many, many years as well. While we don't know the exact reason why penguins never
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Do Penguins Live at the North Pole?
Penguins do not live at the north pole. Most live in the southern hemisphere, so they never get to meet polar bears, which live only in the arctic. The black and white aquatic bird has its home down south and only rarely makes an appearance above the... More »
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