Do Penguins Live at the North Pole?


Penguins live only in the Southern Pole with great populations living on the fringes of Antarctica. Antarctic and sub-Antarctic islands support the greatest number of penguin species with several species living in temperate climate.
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No kind - penguins live generally around the south pole. However, in an example of convergent evolution (two unrelated species which fill the same ecological niche and are similar
Penguins don't live in the North Pole because erquatorial waters are too't-penguins-...
Biologist think it is because of the ocean currents near the equator. These currents circulate lots of very warm sea water near the surface of the oceans. When the penguins begin
Dear Liam, Well, you've asked an excellent question - one that scientists have been pondering for many, many years as well. While we don't know the exact reason why penguins never
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Do Penguins Live at the North Pole?
Penguins do not live at the North Pole. They only live in the Southern Hemisphere and never come across polar bears as those big white bears live only in the Northern Hemisphere. The black and white aquatic bird has its home down south and has never been... More »
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in the Arctic Circle including the North Pole and northern parts of Europe, Asia, and North Americactic Circle ...
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