Do penguins live in the Arctic?


Penguins do not live in the Arctic. The Arctic Circle is found in the earth's northern hemisphere, and native penguins are only live in the southern hemisphere.

Though penguins and polar bears are sometimes pictured together in fictional scenarios, they do not actually share a natural habitat. That's because polar bears are found only in the Arctic Circle, and penguins only reside in the southern hemisphere, particularly near the South Pole, which is on the opposite side of the planet from the Arctic. Penguin populations are found in various locations throughout the southern hemisphere, with some native penguin populations appearing as far north as the equator.

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Well, uh Arctic foxes live in the Arctic, and that's the only place they live. They live there along with the Polar Bears, Caribou, and walruses.
There are just 17 species of penguin worldwide. Only 7 species qual...
They are warm blooded and have thick feathers.
None. Penguins do not live in the Arctic. They do live in the Antarctic. There are 17 species of penguin. While many share similar biomes there are differences. Generally the cold
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Penguins live in the coastal regions of the Southern Hemisphere. While several types of penguins inhabit Antarctica, there are many species that live in the temparate and equtorial zones. They are not found in the northern polar regions.
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