Do Penguins Migrate?


Penguins migrate and leave their mates and their young behind in colonies in islands and coastlands near the Arctic. They however don't migrate great distance, but tend to disappear from breeding rookeries to feed in nearby coastal waters.
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well you don't really know where it is unless rockhopper docked if he docked the mingator would be at the beach.
Magellanic Penguins migrate towards Argentina swimming offshore over the Patagonian Shelf
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I found this on a site from SeaWorld. I was not certain if they did or not, so I looked it up on search. C. Migration. 1. Penguins generally do not migrate great distances. They tend
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Penguins do not hibernate. However, they migrate during winter season and only cover small distances. Hibernation is a condition of idleness and metabolic depression ...
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