Do People Eat Penguins?


People do eat penguins and active hunting by humans has been identified as a potential threat to global penguin populations. Hunting is a threat as some Penguin females hatch an average of only two chicks each year.
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Penguins only live in the Southern Hemisphere. The can be found on the coasts of Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, South America and the Galapagos Islands. Orcas live
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Most of the baby emperor penguins eat fishes as they three meals a day.
It can be weeks before one returns with the food for the baby so that parent cant get off the eggs.
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There are several types of Penguins and are located in different areas. Some are bottom feeders while others surface eaters. The main diet consists of a variety ...
Those dashing little tuxedo-wearing penguins eat mostly squid, various fish, octopus and krill (similar to shrimp). Penguins cannot fly, but use their wings (flippers ...
A penguin eats fish, squid and krill. The latter is their favourite and is a shrimp like crustacean that belongs to the Family Euphausiidae. These aquatic, flightless ...
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