Do Performance Chips for Cars Really Work?


A performance chip is one that is usually installed into the engine to give the engine more torque and power. This chips works as it changes the ratio of the fuel to air the timing of the spark plug and will therefore make the care move faster.
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In the computer itself. The chip should have directions on how to install it.
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Do Performance Chips for Cars Really Work?
Performance chips are essentially software upgrades for your vehicle. By changing critical engine parameters such as fuel to air ratio, spark plug timing and so on, performance chips can make your car faster. However, drawbacks to using them do exist.... More »
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In the early days of computer controlled cars, there were a number of companies who began experimenting with performance enhancing chips. The idea was to completely reprogram the vehicles ignition and fuel injection system for more power. Typically this was done by advancing the engine's timing curve, which in turn adjusted the fuel flow ratios, mixtures and made for significantly better performance. Often other modifications such as changes to the vehicle's exhaust system were necessary in order to realize the most benefit from these chips. However, even without any other modifications, most vehicles would see a gain in performance.
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