Do Perms Damage Your Hair?


Perms do damage hair but depending on the condition that your hair was before the perm. People will normally perm their hair to make the changes they want like making it curly if it is straight. Perm will work very well on hair that has not been highlighted or colored.
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A perm or permanent wave works by breaking, realigning and then reforming the disulphide bonds between the proteins in the hair. The reforming of these bonds cannot be perfect, so
Regardless of the condition of the hair and the skill of the hairdresser damage to
Before you decide to do a home perm, you should understand a bit about how perms work. It may seem unimportant, but, if you know a little about the chemicals you're using and how
1. Apply conditioner. Hair damaged by a perm may be stripped of its natural moisture, leaving it brittle and dry. Find a good conditioner that is not alcohol-based, apply a quarter-sized
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You can use a strong vinegar solution to strip perm chemicals out of your hair. However, it is really not good for your hair. It is better to allow the perm to ...
The method to remove a perm or chemicals from your hair will depend on how soon after getting the perm you want to remove it. If you decide within 72 hours or ...
If you have just recently dyed your hair, it would be best if you waited some time before you decide to start perming it. Hair dye already has damaged your hair ...
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