Do Perms Damage Your Hair?


Perms do damage hair but depending on the condition that your hair was before the perm. People will normally perm their hair to make the changes they want like making it curly if it is straight. Perm will work very well on hair that has not been highlighted or colored.
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Its quite impossible to fix damaged hair from a perm. Hoenstly, youre best bet is to get a conditioner for damaged hair. the healthiest part of your hair is your root so unless you
The effects of a perm usually last from three to six months, depending on the kind of perm you choose, the condition of your hair prior to the perm and how you maintain your hair
the perm because it dry your hair out and make it frizz out
To make your hair not a different color or have a weird texture you have to automatically wash your hair after you swim. They also have shampoos and conditioners out there to prevent
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You can use a strong vinegar solution to strip perm chemicals out of your hair. However, it is really not good for your hair. It is better to allow the perm to ...
The method to remove a perm or chemicals from your hair will depend on how soon after getting the perm you want to remove it. If you decide within 72 hours or ...
Applying perm physically wraps your hair into shapes and a chemical bath that breaks and then transforms the disulphide bonds of your hair. Then, your hair will ...
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