Do Perms Damage Your Hair?


Perms do damage hair but depending on the condition that your hair was before the perm. People will normally perm their hair to make the changes they want like making it curly if it is straight. Perm will work very well on hair that has not been highlighted or colored.
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1 See if it Floats. Cut off a strand of hair and place it into a sink filled with water. Healthy hair without perm damage will tend to float on the surface as it's nonporous and doesn't
Regardless of the condition of the hair and the skill of the hairdresser damage to
Yes, however only when the person doing the perm does not know what the chemicals in the perm and neutraliser are capable of doing to the hair. Always ensure your hairdresser does
1. Be sure that a perm is really what you want. As the name implies, a perm is permanent - you'll grow out new hair that won't be permed, but the rest of it will be curled for up
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Perming hair the day after dying it is not recommended because it can cause damage according to The rule of thumb is to dye following a perm.Dying permed ...
You can use a strong vinegar solution to strip perm chemicals out of your hair. However, it is really not good for your hair. It is better to allow the perm to ...
A standard perm uses ammonium thioglycolate to break the natural disulfide bonds that create the natural texture of hair while it's in curlers. Then, a neutralizing ...
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