Do Pine Needles Kill Grass?


Pine needles are acidic and will kill your grass. You can use them in soils though for some plants. You simply mix lime in with the soil and pine needles.
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1. Use a variety of grass that can withstand the shade the pine tree creates. If the crown of the pine sits high off the ground, allowing some sunlight to reach the grass surrounding
by buning it.
Here is a good site should help you determine exactly what is killing your pines, and whether you can do anything about it: Some Common Pine Diseases in North Carolina.
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Do Pine Needles Kill Grass?
Dried pine needles or pine straw are valuable as organic mulch when used around trees and shrubs and in garden beds to conserve soil moisture, insulate soil and deter weed growth. Pine needles are slow to decompose compared to deciduous tree leaves,... More »
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Your conifers may be dying because they have some tiny sap sucking insects called pinyon needle scales. These insects kill the needle and weaken the pinyon pines ...
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